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The state of business lending

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About the research

Listen to Codat's Head of Product Marketing and Content, Gabby MacSweeney, discuss the main themes of the report in this video.
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How are economic shifts influencing business priorities and product strategies?

Non-bank lenders are facing some serious obstacles right now. From reduced customer demand to increased competition from incumbent players, many of these challenges are being caused by rising interest rates. 
How is the macroeconomic situation affecting business models and strategic priorities, and how are innovative providers adapting to withstand the tough trading environment? Our state of business lending report has the answers. Featuring survey data from +100 senior leaders at non-bank lenders in the UK & USA, it examines:
  • The current state of play in the market 
  • The biggest barriers to growth
  • The impact of economic challenges
  • The product strategies and emerging trends in the space


say the economy is hurting their business


say their business has grown in the last 12 months


say they’re losing out to traditional banks


say they're launching new products as a priority 

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What to expect

For the first report in our Industry insider series, we examine the challenges faced by non-bank lenders in the UK and USA.

With the help of the global research company Censuswide, we spoke to 115 senior stakeholders from product, risk, strategy, and leadership at non-bank lenders to understand the state of play, the barriers to growth, and precisely how these firms are adapting their product and business strategies to the current conditions.

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